West Campus Playing Fields

Facility policy regarding usage and scheduling by UAB groups or non-affiliates will be upheld by the Intramural and Recreational Sports program in regard to the West Campus playing fields.  In addition, the following restrictions and regulations will apply:

  1. Requests for use will be reviewed and scheduled at the discretion of the Director of Intramural and Recreational Sports and/or Assistant Vice President for Student Life.  Because of the need to restrict usage during some periods, requests will be considered on an individual basis.
  2. Groups must reserve the field by filling out a facility request and must submit the form to the Intramural and Recreational Sports Office, Hill University Center, Room 132.  A copy of the reservation form should be kept on-site throughout the reservation period.  Cost for field usage: UAB groups: $25.00 per two (2) hours after 5:00 p.m.  $50.00 per day.  Non-UAB groups:  $25.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum after 5:00 p.m. $100.00 per day.  Fees do not include security cost.
  3. If security will be needed for an event, it must be scheduled fourteen (14) days in advance.  A copy of the security agreement is required at the time of the field reservation request.  Security requirements are to be determined by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and the UAB Police Chief or their designates.
  4. The person responsible for the request and event must fully understand and agree to all conditions for field usage.  The facility must be left in the same condition as found before the event.  Fields used during extreme weather conditions may cause damage, and the requesting group may be held responsible.  An event must not only end on the specified scheduled time, but also all clean-up must be completed by the indicated scheduled time.  All trash, litter, equipment, etc. must be removed from the field by the group using the facility.  A maintenance charge of $100.00 minimum will be levied against any group not adhering to this policy for clean-up.  Groups without a UAB account number must deposit a check for $100.00 with the Intramural and Recreational Sports Office which may be refunded  after the field is checked for trash, etc.  A larger fee may be charged to any group if the field is abused or damaged beyond reason as determined by the Intramural and Recreational Department.  Cancellations of a reservation should be made as soon as possible.
  5. Prudent judgment should be exercised when requesting use of the West Campus playing fields in that some activities or events are not appropriate for maintaining good, safe field conditions.  At no time should large vehicles or heavy equipment be used on the fields.
  6. Any damage or abuse of fields or maintenance concerns should be reported to the Director of Intramural and Recreational Sports which in turn will assess and make needed maintenance request to the proper department.
  7. Admittance to the fields will be arranged at the time reservations are approved.  Gates will be opened and closed by an authorized person.
  8. There will be no unauthorized play or practice on the fields unless reservations are made through the Intramural and Recreational Sports Office.
  9. A group will be required to have the person responsible for the reservation or its faculty/staff adviser present during the entire reservation period.
  10. No alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, or weapons are allowed.