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Student Dining Programs

2012-2013 Meal Plans & Rates

  Average Meals Per Week Total Meals Cost
Plan 1 15 233 $1,722.00
Plan 2 12 186 $1,576
Plan 3 10 150 $997
Plan 4 7 108 $740
Plan 5 5 78 $562
Plan 6 3 47 $346
Plan 7 1 16 $140

Using your meal plan at UAB Campus Restaurants locations is as easy as finding the Meal Plan icon Meal-Plan-Logo next to menu items at Blazer Cafe, ZeBi, and The Diner.  The Commons will serve weekday breakfasts and lunches priced al la carte in which you can purchase a Meal Deal which includes an entree, side, dessert, and a beverage.  The Commons will provide all-you-care-to-eat service during dinner hours Monday through Friday and for Saturday and Sunday brunch and dinner.  Meals cannot be used at Starbucks or Einsten Bros Bagels.

Meal Plans
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) requires that the following students purchase a meal plan during fall and spring semesters:

  • Students residing in freshman housing must choose plan 1 or 2*
  • All other students residing in on-campus housing must choose from plans 1 through 7

*Students who meet all three of the following criteria are classified as first time UAB freshmen and will be assigned to freshman housing for the academic year in question if they choose to reside on campus:

  • Student graduated high school within the last 4 academic years
  • Student is transferring in less than 12 credit hours taken at another university post high school graduation
  • Student has not attended UAB during a previous academic year, excluding the summer term immediately preceding the academic year in question

Dining Dollars

UAB requires that the following students be assessed a $225 Campus Dining Fee as part of tuition and fees during fall and spring semesters:

  • All enrolled students residing in on-campus housing
  • All undergraduate students taking twelve (12) or more credit hours who do not reside on campus

Campus Dining Fee funds will be accessed through the student’s CampusCard Dining Dollars account. Dining Dollars will roll over during the terms included in one academic year (i.e. fall to spring to summer).  On the last class day of summer semester, any unused Dining Dollars remaining in the student’s account 25% of unused Dining Dollars will be converted to BlazerBucks at the end of the academic year.

The Dining Dollars account is used for accessing Campus Dining Fee funds only. Individuals who wish to add additional funds can do so through their CampusCard Blazer Bucks account.

Once charges are posted to the student account, payment of the Campus Dining Fee can be made to the Student Accounting Office in person, by mail and online.

  • To pay in person, visit the Cashier’s Office at 322 Hill University Center.
  • To pay by mail, send a check for your meal plan payment to:
    HUC 322
    1530 3RD AVE S
    BIRMINGHAM, AL 35294-1150
  • Payment via the web can be done through BlazerNET. BlazerNET provides a secure connection for credit card payments.

Payment deadlines for the Campus Dining Fee follow the published tuition and fee payment deadlines.

Blazer Bucks

BlazerBucks is a declining balance account that can be used for goods and services anywhere the UAB CampusCard is accepted. Blazer Bucks accounts are available to students, faculty and staff and other individuals in possession of a UAB CampusCard. There is no minimum deposit required to activate a BlazerBucks account and additional funds can be added in varying amounts, at will. Balances in BlazerBucks carry-over from year to year until the cardholder graduates or otherwise permanently leaves the university.

BlazerBucks deposits can be made to the CampusCard Office in person, by mail, at a BlazerBucks value transfer station and online.

  • To pay in person, visit the CampusCard Office at 158 Hill University Center.
  • To pay by mail, send a check for your payment to:
    HUC 158
    1530 3RD AVE S
    BIRMINGHAM, AL 35294-1150
  • Value Transfer Stations are located in the Hill University Center and Sterne and Lister Hill libraries
  • Payment via the web can be made through the Manage My Account section by signing in as a cardholder or a guest and selecting the BlazerBucks Deposit tab. CampusCard Online provides a secure connection for credit card payments by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Important Notes

  • Enrolled students not residing on campus may elect to purchase any one of the meal plans during fall and spring semesters.
  • Meals will be available on housing move-in day for the fall semester and the first day of class for the spring semester.
  • The last day to use Spring 2012 Meal Plans is Wednesday, May 9.  Any unused meals will be cleared from the students account. 
  • Students can use up to five (5) meals per day. This is done to prevent students from over spending their meals too early in the semester. If a student plans to have family on campus and would like to use more than five meals for their family to experience campus dining they can make arrangements to do so though Campus Restaurants management.

Pick Your Plan
Need to sign up for your Meal Plan? Follow these step by step instructions: 

  • Go to
  • Select the log in link in the upper left hard corner
  • Log in using your Blazer ID and secure password
  • Select the Meal Plan Selection in the middle of the top navigation bar
  • Choose your meal plan!! 

Your meal plan will be billed to your student account. You can upgrade at any time throughout the year, but you can only downgrade through the last day to drop/add classes. 

If you have any problems or additional questions please call CampusCard at 205-996-6273

More Information

Check out this link for answers to other questions.