V. Temporary Sanctions

All students are expected to comply with federal, state and local laws. When a student is convicted of such a violation and circumstances indicate that the student’s continued presence on campus creates a danger of serious physical or mental harm to the student, to any member of the University community, or to the educational processes of the university, the university may impose sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.

A student or a student organization that has been accused of an offense, the nature of which constitutes a likelihood of serious danger to the student, other members of the university community, or the educational processes of the university, may receive temporary sanctions. These sanctions may include suspension or expulsion, as may be deemed necessary, pending final disposition of the case. Such temporary sanctions may exist and be enforced until such time as final disposition of the case has been made by the properly constituted authorities.

Medical Evaluation/Involuntary Withdrawal

A student who poses a significant danger of serious harm to himself/herself or to others may be asked to be evaluated by a medical professional, at the discretion of the university. If the individual is determined by that professional not to be a threat to self or others, they may safely return to campus. If a student refuses to be evaluated, or ignores medical advice regarding their situation, an involuntary withdrawal may be imposed. A student under involuntary withdrawal shall have a hold placed on his/her record, and the university may impose conditions for return, as appropriate for the safety of the student and campus environment.

The Assistant Vice President for Student Life, or designee, has authority for these decisions.