VII. Student Groups & Organizations

Student groups and organizations are expected to maintain appropriate standards of conduct that are commensurate with those expected of individual students in the university environment. Therefore, student groups and organizations may be charged with violating non-academic standards of conduct without regard to whether members of such groups or organizations are individually charged with violations arising from the same occurrences. Misconduct by a UAB student organization while participating in non-university sponsored activities off-campus may be subject to the non-academic conduct process.

A student group or organization, its officers, or individual members may be held collectively or individually responsible when violations by those associated with the group or organization have received the tacit or overt consent or encouragement of the group or organization or of the group’s or organization’s leaders, officers, advisors, or spokespersons.

The officers or leaders or any identifiable spokesperson for a student group or organization may be directed by the Director of Student Engagement, or a designee, to take appropriate action designed to prevent or end violations by the group or organization or by any persons associated with the group or organization who can reasonably be said to be acting in the group’s or organization’s behalf. Failure to make reasonable efforts to comply with the Director of Student Engagement’s, or a designee’s, directive shall be considered a violation of Section IV. 2, both by the officers, leaders or spokespersons for the group or organization and by the group organization itself.