VIII. Group Sanctions

One or more of the following sanctions may be imposed on a group or organization for non-academic misconduct.

  1. Social Probation is imposed for a specific period of time. This sanction prohibits the group or organization from campus sponsorship of any organized activity, party or function. This may also include off campus events.
  2. Reprimand is an official notice of censure. Repetition of violations that resulted in a reprimand to the group within a period of two (2) years shall automatically carry charter probation as a minimum penalty.
  3. Charter Probation is given for a specific period of time and carries the immediate threat of charter revocation or restriction if there are other violations or repetition of previous violations during the semester of the sanction. The group or organization may seek and add members but may not enjoy any of the privileges removed under the social probation.
  4. Charter Restriction is the temporary removal of university recognition, usually for not more than one (1) semester in addition to the one in which the offense occurred. While under restriction, the group or organization may continue to occupy or hold property but may not seek or add members, hold or sponsor events in the university community, or enjoy any of the privileges removed under social probation set forth above.
  5. Charter Revocation is the permanent removal of university recognition for a group or organization. Charter revocation may be recommended but can be imposed only by the university President.
  6. Additional Group Sanctions. In addition to the above, the Non-Academic Conduct Officer may apply or recommend additional sanctions, as well as refer the case to the group's or organizations governing bodies for consideration of other sanctions.
Failure to complete a required sanction is a serious offense. It is considered an additional violation of the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct (IV 2.) and will usually result in a more serious sanction imposed. Within one (1) week of an organization's failure to follow or complete a sanction, a HOLD will be placed on the organization president's student record. Organizations refusing to follow or complete sanctions also place themselves at risk of Charter Restriction or Revocation.