General Policy

  1. Recognized student organizations/UAB student programs holding functions in the Hill University Center and planning to serve food/beverages of any type must indicate such on a properly completed Hill University Center Facility Reservation Request Form.”
  2. Food service must be arranged through UAB Campus Restaurants.
  3. Groups should consult a catering menu to determine their needs/budget. This should be planned carefully, adhering to all catering policies with respect to minimum group size, changes/cancellations, menu, and proper notices.

Request for Exception

  1. Requests for exceptions for use of Hill University Center catering services must be made seven days in advance using the “Exceptions to Catering Request” form. It is the responsibility of the requester to obtain approval from the UAB Campus Restaurants General Manager and the Assistant Vice President for Student Life. The form should then be submitted to the Scheduling Office of the Hill University Center for the approval of the Director of Hill University Center Operations. Any reservations for student organizations or student programs requesting a catering exception will be placed on a tentative status pending exception approval. An approved catering exception must be submitted to the Hill University Center Scheduling Office to change a reservation from tentative to confirmed.
  2. Exceptions will be limited to:
    1. Meetings sponsored by student organizations that have no more than 75 people in attendance;
    2. UAB student programs which anticipate attendance of no more than 75 people and/or require a small amount of food items;

Events must begin after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, or occur between 5:00 p.m. on Friday and 6:00 a.m. Monday.

  1. Food/beverages allowed under the exception are limited to non alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee, chips, dip, cookies and nuts.No food warmers, crock-pots, or cooking appliances of any type will be permitted. Covered dish dinners are not permitted. Commercially prepared outside food must be approved by the UAB Campus Restaurants. The program must provide assurance for the following:
    1. proper cleanup
    2. proper presentation
    3. appropriate sanitary conditions
    4. signage indicating outside
  2. A $50.00 clean-up deposit must be submitted to the Scheduling Office when the request form is submitted. Clean-up must be complete and accomplished by the end of the reserved time as indicated on the "Facility Reservation Request” form. It is the responsibility of the group to contact the Hill University Center building manager on duty to inspect the area to make certain that everything is in good order before the sponsoring organization leaves the facility.
    1. Clean-up includes disposal of all trash in designated trash receptacles without causing the receptacles to overflow. Liquid items should either be removed from the building or disposed of neatly in a sink in the restroom.
    2. No dirty serving trays, plastic serving dishes/cups/utensils, etc., should be left in the meeting room or building. A dumpster for disposal of these items is located in the loading dock area.
    3. All tables and chairs should be wiped clean.
    4. The group is responsible for reporting any spills on floors, damage to furniture or the facility to the building manager on duty before leaving the facility. They may be given items to clean up the area.
    5. Failure to carry out the above will result in forfeiting the clean-up deposit fee and may include other sanctions when warranted.
  3. Organizations/UAB student programs violating the catering policy will   become ineligible for special exceptions for the next two consecutive terms.
  4. Organizations/UAB student programs that will request exceptions on a frequent basis may pay a single, refundable $50.00 deposit for the term. It should be indicated on the form that the request is for all meetings/programs scheduled during the term.

Special Consideration

Any other request for special consideration to catering in the Hill University Center must be made in writing by using the “Request for Special Consideration” form. Requests should clearly explain why food items and/or services other than those provided by UAB Campus Restaurants are desired. The “Request for Special Consideration” form should be completed and returned to the HUC Scheduling Office for approval. The intent of this form is to ensure that all food safety guidelines are being followed. No special consideration to this policy will be considered less than 7 days prior to the event or without a completed “Request for Special Consideration” form. When special considerations are approved, signage indicating the outside food provider must be displayed; in addition, a non-refundable user fee and added cleaning deposit may be required.