Financing Your Education 

How to pay for college is on the mind of every college student. Our office eases that worry by helping you find ways to finance your education. We start the process by sending financial aid awards to entering students and then we provide counseling for you and your parents on availability and eligibility for financial aid programs. We process most scholarships, select eligible aid recipients, and process grants and loans. We also provide job boards with employment opportunities and open College Work Study positions. You have lots of financing options so be sure to start researching and applying in order to be well-prepared to finance a great investment in your future - a UAB degree!

Ready to look for financial aid options? Begin by selecting your classification—Undergraduate, Graduate, or First Professional (Medical, Dental, and Optometry)—in the links below.

Undergraduate and Graduate Financing Your Education

First Professionals

Recovery Act Opportunities

Many UAB students will be benefited by various aspects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (economic stimulus package) recently passed by Congress.  Please review the items below to determine which benefits you might be eligible for and should pursue.  Please note:  Undergraduate students who wish to receive consideration for Pell Grant funding or federal work-study funding must forward the results of their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to UAB (school code 001052).  If you have not already filed the FAFSA, you may access the form at

Click here to review the benefits of the Recovery Act.

Application Status

If you are a new UAB student, please click below to check the status of your financial aid application. You will use the B00 number on the letter we sent you. Your pin number will be month, day, and year of your birth, MMDDYY.
Financial Aid Application Status

If you are a currently enrolled UAB student, please click below to check the status of your financial aid application for 2007-08. You will use your BlazerID.

REMINDER: Students are responsible for reading and understanding all policies related to their scholarship and financial aid package.