1.  How can I donate books to Healing Words?
2.  Who can be a Healing Words volunteer?
3.  How often will I volunteer with Healing Words?
4.  Who trains Healing Words volunteers?

How can I donate books to Healing Words?
Since these books are used in medical settings, only new books will be accepted for donations. E-mail healingwords@uab.edu if you would like to donate books. We will acknowledge your donation with a personalized book plate in appreciation.

Who can become a Healing Words volunteer?
Since Healing Words operates through the university infrastructure, the program only trains college students. However, hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes appreciate help from volunteers of all ages, and non-college students may contact the Volunteer Coordinator of a medical facility to find out how to volunteer there.

How often will I volunteer with Healing Words?
Each of the facilities has a different volunteer policy and time requirements, but with Healing Words, you can find a location that fits your schedule. E-mail healingwords@uab.edu to find the program that is right for you.

Who trains Healing Words volunteers?
The Literacy Council, a non-profit organization that supports literacy initiatives throughout the state, trains Healing Words volunteers.