UAB Hospital

Healing Words volunteers read in many units throughout UAB Hospital, such as Pediatric Cardiology, Palliative Care, Geriatrics, and Medical Intensive Care.

“I really enjoy my time at UAB Hospital as a Healing Words volunteer. I appreciate the opportunity to take a break from classes and spend time with patients who could use some company. Patients who are stuck in the hospital for treatment for days, weeks, and even months often seem to find comfort in the inspirational stories of Chicken Soup for the Soul or books from their childhood, like Charlotte's Web or The Secret Garden.”

“I have found that volunteering for Healing Words has given me both a rewarding and unique experience; being in the hospital environment and seeing the joy in a patient's eyes as the words from a book come alive is something I look forward to every week. I believe the Healing Words volunteers offer a wonderful service to patients, as anyone would appreciate a reprieve and escape from the glumness of hospital life.”—Leandra

“Healing words has allowed me to see the stresses and pains placed on families in the hospital. Not only do I get to experience these things first hand, but I also get to offer comfort in a simple, yet powerful way. On my last visit to the hospital, I was able to spend an hour with a six-year old boy who had just undergone a heart transplant operation. His mom seemed so relieved to have another adult present in the room, and the young boy's face lit up with every page turned.” –Sybil

“Instead of saying I volunteer to make a difference in the world, I would have to start off by saying just the opposite. Volunteering has made a difference in me. Being a Healing Words volunteer has awarded me the privilege of experiencing something so wonderful, such as a smile on a child's face, and the opportunity to make an otherwise monotonous hospital visit one of a fairy tale.”—Dakota

Requirements: Students should complete an application for volunteering at UAB Hospital and attend their one-time volunteer orientation. The Volunteer Coordinator meets with all volunteers personally.