Welcome, Alumni and Friends of the UAB Honors College

With over 600 graduates across the United States and throughout the world, the UAB Honors College has a diverse and growing alumni community. Support from alumni and friends of the College provides vital resources that enable us to build upon our tradition of excellence in honors education, providing transformational educational opportunities for the more than 1,100 undergraduate students in our Honors College.

Gifts designated in support of the UAB Honors College benefit all of our honors students. These gifts provide scholarships for hard-working students, assist with travel costs for student conference presentations, and support community-building initiatives for new and returning students. Making a gift to the UAB Honors College means investing in the lives of all 1,100 of our outstanding students. You may also provide a gift directly in support of one of specialized programs: Global and Community Leadership Honors, Science and Technology Honors, or University Honors. We appreciate any and all support from our alumni and friends!

To support the UAB Honors College or any of our specialized programs, please visit The Campaign for UAB: Give Something, Change Everything.