About the Experiential Learning Scholars Program

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program (ELSP) is a university-wide signature program in the Honors College designed to enhance students’ academic course work with pertinent, real-life experiences—taking learning to an entirely new level.

With a combination of faculty mentoring, specially designed courses, service learning experiences, undergraduate research opportunities and experiential learning in international and local communities, students create learning plans and a unique educational opportunity to meet their individual academic, career and personal ambitions.

ELSP is perfect for students wishing to walk away from college with not only an educational background to prepare them for life after their undergraduate education, but also experiences to propel them into the future.

Program Vision Statement
To be the recognized national leader in integrating experiential learning into honors education by developing students who synthesize and transfer learning to new and complex situations beyond the classroom.

Program Mission Statement
To guide students in meeting individualized academic, personal and professional goals by empowering them to enhance their classroom learning with individualized, relevant, real-world experiences.

Program Values
•         Student Focus
•         Empowerment
•         Initiative
•         Communication
•         Accountability/Responsibility
•         Honesty/Integrity
•         Flexibility/Customizability
•         Creativity
•         Interdisciplinary Collaboration