Experiential Learning Requirements

Experiential Learning Scholars Program students are required to:

  • Complete EL 101 during the freshman fall semester
  • Complete the approved Honors College Leadership seminar course
  • Maintain a series of personal essays, yearly learning plans and reflective essays
  • Complete at least six approved experiential learning activities
  • Attend at least two approved ELSP campus participation activities per semester
  • Meet with ELSP director or approved staff member at least once per semester to discuss learning plan and program progression
  • Develop a portfolio documenting academic and experiential learning activities and maintain updates each semester
  • Create and present a senior thesis or capstone project during the senior year

Types of ELSP Experiences

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program provides an opportunity for students to intentionally enhance their academic course work with pertinent, real-life experiences. In order to accomplish these goals, students are required to complete at least six experiential learning activities at a rate of approximately one per semester starting their sophomore year.

Examples of relevant real-life experiences may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Leadership Activities
  • Study Away or Study Abroad Activities
  • Service Learning Activities
  • Undergraduate Research or Professional Scholarship Activities
  • Co-op or Internship Activities
  • Career Shadowing and Mentoring Activities
  • Honors Level Art and Performance Activities
  • Honors Level Didactic and Clinical Course Work
  • Departmental or School-level Honors Program Course Work
  • UAB Involvement and Volunteer Activities
  • Miscellaneous Activities that are related to career and academic goals


Study Abroad, Study Away, Internship, or Service Learning

Students in the ELSP may fulfill some of their program requirements by participating in experiences in a study away, internship, or service-learning setting. These activities are coordinated through the UAB Offices of Study Away, Service Learning, and Career Services.

We recognize that there may be a more fitting opportunity not available among the current selections; therefore, the ELSP will work closely with each student to identify the most beneficial placement for their own academic, career and personal goals. This individualized guidance insures that students will find an opportunity that both matches their interest and passion while still providing a challenging learning opportunity.

Please note that all study abroad, internship or service-learning options must be approved in advance by the ELSP in order to earn credit towards completion of the program.