Student and Alumni Spotlights

Emily Kirkland with Impact Ministries

Emily Kirkland
, a sophomore Spanish major, is working with Impact Ministries to recruit student volunteers.  Impact Ministries is a non-profit organization working to provide a support system for children who may have a parent who is incarcerated.  Emily began as a volunteer with Impact and chose to start a project to publicize this volunteer opportunity to her fellow UAB

The most important experience I have had at UAB is becoming involved in Universities Fighting World Hunger. This experience has been different from any other student leadership role I have held because unlike other organizations, UFWH is student led movement. As a part of the leadership team, I am able to work with honors students from across programs and departments to inspire and empower the UAB community to fight for food security, not only in Birmingham, but around the world. Through the support of the Sparkman Center for Global Health, the Oxfam GROW campaign, and the World Food Programme, we have developed from a small group of passionate students into a quickly growing student movement across campus.


Rachel Hanle, Senior, Social Work
Universities Fighting World Hunger


Anne Tolene, Senior, International Studies
and 5th year Masters in Public Health

Study Abroad – Spain

Study Abroad is something that most students aspire to do while in college, and I was not waiting around. The summer after my freshman year I spent a month on the Camino de Santiago, a medieval Catholic Pilgrimage in the North of Spain, with 10 other UAB students as my first experience with ELSP. It was an amazing and life-changing experience that brought me a few steps closer to both my professional and personal goals. Every day we walked along this ancient route 20-25 km of the 720 km to from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela, and each night we slept in a different town along the way. Not only did I learn about the language and culture of Spain, but I made lifelong friends and found a unique understanding of myself and of life.