Can I participate in more than one of the Honors College Signature programs?

No, the four signature programs are mutually exclusive. You can apply to multiple programs, but you can only join one of them. You can, however, participate in one of the Early Acceptance Programs (EMSAP, EDSAP, EOSAP), departmental honors (Biology Scholars Chemistry Scholars), or special opportunities like the Phage Genomics program. None of these conflict with GCL.

Does GCL offer scholarship assistance?

Yes and No. While there are no incoming freshman scholarships reserved solely for GCL students, the Honors College does offer endowed scholarship funds. GCL students are eligible to be considered for these scholarships. Funding is limited, and selection typically takes place in the summer following your senior year.

Can students enter later than first-semester of freshman year?

Yes, GCL has a limited number of spots available for current UAB students applying at the end of the fall semester. Interested students should email gclhonors@uab.edu to express interest.