The Honors College Signature Programs

The Honors College at UAB offers multiple challenging and engaging programs for UAB students.  Each of the Honors College programs are university-wide, meaning they are open to students from a wide variety of majors, and interdisciplinary, which means they blend ideas from multiple academic disciplines.  UAB’s Honors College is particularly unique for the small size of its programs (about 50 incoming freshmen in each program, for a total of about 200 incoming first-year honors students), and for the diversity of programs offered.

Experiential Learning Scholars Program:

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program (ELSP) at UAB  believes that education is more than just a set of courses taken in a classroom setting.  Real-life experiences that supplement regular class work can provide a dynamically enhanced educational experience for today’s scholars and leaders.  UAB's ELSP is designed for students who are searching for ways to intentionally enhance their academic course work with applicable, real-life experiences – making hands-on experience an integral part of a thorough and enlightened education.  Students have the opportunity to construct an individualized learning plan suited to their unique academic, personal and career aspirations.  They are then empowered to live it out – in the classroom and in the world.

Global and Community Leadership Honors Program

UAB isn't just a place to collect a degree – it’s a place to explore a student’s passions and decide what kind of mark they want to leave on the world.  The Global and Community Leadership Honors program offers challenging courses and engaging academic experiences to explore social, economic, cultural, and political issues at home and abroad.  Students work with other dedicated, inspired students under the leadership of world-renowned faculty to gain a deeper understanding of global and community issues, relate them to their own values and goals, and prepare for the kind of leadership role that can enable students to change the world.

Science and Technology Honors Program:

Students in the Science and Technology Honors Program take part in unique academic and research experiences specifically designed to give them a head-start on a scientific or technical career.  A student’s passion for research and innovation doesn't have to sit patiently until graduate school – or even wait until their junior year of undergrad.   This program matches students with faculty mentors, independent research projects, specially tailored core courses, and an environment of discovery and innovation. In the Science and Technology Honors Program students will engage in one-on-one research with faculty members and will receive two years of tuition for any UAB science and technology doctoral program after they complete the program.  Overall, students will come away with numerous science and technology contacts, publishable research, lab experience, and a head start on a science or technical career.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program curriculum brings a liberal arts education to a world-class research university.  Students enjoy challenging interdisciplinary courses, specialized seminars, and the friendly environment of the Spencer Honors House.  Students in this program work with leading researchers and scholars through-out the campus and have the unique opportunity to be part of the long tradition of excellence while obtaining a rich interdisciplinary education.

Each of these Honors College programs offer students an alternative to the traditional UAB undergraduate education by providing unique courses and educational experiences in a close-knit and personalized setting.  Furthermore, each of these programs offers students the following benefits:

o   Priority registration
o   An honors housing option for incoming freshmen
o   Enhanced formal and informal advising
o   Exclusive access to Honors facilities for studying and socializing
o   Unique and challenging curricular and extracurricular activities
o   A specialized leadership preparation course sequence
o   Opportunities in service-learning, study abroad, research, and leadership.

Overall, the unique coursework and enhanced experiences in the UAB Honors College provides an exceptional educational experience for the best and brightest of students, preparing them to use their unique talents and abilities to dream big and to make a difference —in Birmingham, in Alabama, and in the world.

If you are a student looking for exciting educational experiences, unique classes, and an academic challenge to move beyond their own expectations, then one of our programs in the Honors College may be exactly what you are looking for!   Join one of our programs to begin your truly challenging, enriching educational experience that will help you make the most of their college experience and help prepare you for an exciting future.