Honors College Scholars

scholars-join-build-artHonors College Scholars create an individually-designed honors experience using a variety of curricular and academic engagement opportunities. Students choose to become an Honors College Scholar because they are looking for a rigorous, yet flexible, honors education. Rather than taking a pre-determined series of courses, Honors College Scholars select courses that align with their unique academic goals. They also seek out experiential learning opportunities such as service-learning, undergraduate research, study away, and internships to supplement their honors experience.

No separate application necessary! Entering freshmen are eligible to join with a 3.5 high school GPA and a 28 ACT/1260 SAT. Current college students with a 3.3 cumulative GPA are also eligible for admission. Read more in our prospective students page.
Choose at least 18 hours of honors credit from the following:
  • Honors seminars
  • Honors-level sections of core courses
  • Honors by contract
  • Departmental Honors courses
Learn more about these options in the UAB catalog.
Work with your Honors College advisor to identify experiential learning opportunities that match your academic goals. Find summer research programs, chart out campus leadership experiences, and identify ways to serve the community.
Be an active participant in the honors community! Attend special speaker series, student leadership retreats, and honors conferences. Spend time hanging out in the Honors Space getting to know your peers. Serve as a peer mentor or tutor to younger students. The more you put in, the more you get out of the honors community!