Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at UAB prepares students to engage responsibly in our multicultural and interdependent world, communicate effectively, and interact and work across national, cultural and socio-economic boundaries.

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major. By integrating courses on area studies and world affairs, the major allows students to gain a broader and more complete understanding of cultures, organizations, and societies outside the United States than any traditional discipline might offer.  The requirements are structured in two tiers. The first includes required courses of all ITS majors. The second incorporates various concentrations, including economics, socio-politics, and cultural literacy. In addition, students are asked to show second-year proficiency in a foreign language and complete an international experience requirement. Courses eligible to apply to this major will vary with the emphasis that a student chooses.

Concentrations to choose from are: Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. We advise that you see the program director and your academic advisor for identifying an appropriate curriculum in your area of interest.

Program Director

Dr. Renato Corbetta
(205) 934-2336

Academic Advisors

Kip Hubbard (Freshmen and Sophomores), (205) 934-6135,  
Deborah Littleton (Juniors and Seniors), (205) 934-6135,