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Turnitin and Vista

Recognized worldwide as the standard in online plagiarism prevention, Turnitin helps educators and students take full advantage of the internet's educational potential. Used by thousands of institutions in over eighty countries, Turnitin's products promote originality in student work, improve student writing and research skills, encourage collaborative learning, and save valuable instructor time.

The Turnitin plug in for Vista provides users with a convenient way to register and login to Turnitin. Once installed, Vista users can simply click a login link from within their Vista course and log in to Turnitin.

The information on this page and more can be found at the Turnitin website. Turnitin is a service of iParadigms, LLC.

Introduction to TurnItIn

Every paper submitted to Turnitin is compared against the most comprehensive digital repository of potentially plagiarizable material in the world. The Turnitin repository currently consists of three primary databases:

  1. Both a current and extensively archived copy of the publicly accessible internet;
  2. Millions of commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals;
  3. Tens of millions of student papers already submitted to Turnitin.

Combined with the industry's most powerful search technology and Turnitin's innovative, easy-to-use reports, protecting your students against plagiarism has never been easier or more effective.

For more info on Turnitin, visit the website:

Additional Resources

How Plagiarism Prevention Works Adobe PDF File

Turnitin Instructor Manual Adobe PDF File

Turnitin Student Manual Adobe PDF File

Interpreting the Originality Report

For more Turnitin training materials, visit the Turnitin's Training Center at

If you would like more information on preemptive plagiarism education, Turnitin's companion site, Research Resources, has a wealth of information for educators and students who want to learn more about plagiarism prevention and building good research and citation skills. To visit Turnitin's Research Resources, click here.

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