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  • Lister Hill Library staff answer questions from UAB faculty, staff, and students as well as Alabama healthcare professionals and residents.  Out of state users will generally be referred to the nearest health sciences library.
  • UAB faculty, staff, and student requests are answered before requests from others.
  • Questions from persons outside of Alabama concerning information specific to UAB or Alabama will also be answered. 
  • Licensing and copyright restrictions prevent Lister Hill Library from distributing full text documents electronically. Instead, staff will assist UAB patrons in accessing the online full text resources provided by UAB.

Expert Searches and/or Literature Reviews

Upon request, Lister Hill Library reference librarians will perform online database searches for citations and/or abstracts on a specific topic. Once a list of citations and/or abstracts has been generated, it can be retrieved from the library’s HUB desk, faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to the patron. There is no charge for this service.

Please note that most literature searches are conducted through PubMed/MEDLINE. Although the MEDLINE database is considered to be the premier database of medical literature, even a thorough search may not be comprehensive. It may be necessary to use additional resources.

A fee will be charged if LHL librarians are requested to search a specialized or commercial database which is accessible only through a non-licensed vendor. This type of search may be expensive as these databases charge per connect time.