The wide variety of materials housed within UAB Historical Collections is represented in the image above. The materials are left to right:


  1. Louis J. Willie to Dr. Joseph F. Volker, Congratulatory letter on Volker's appointment as the first President of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1969, UAB Archives;
  2. Iofull newes out of the new-found vvorlde...., Nicholas Monardes, London, printed by E. Allde, by the assigne of Bonhom Norton, 1596, Reynolds-Finley Historical Library;
  3. Blood Cupping Pump [instrument], George Tiemann & Co., c. 1880, Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences;
  4. Mortar and Pestle, n.d., Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences;
  5. "Chips and Chaps," by The Happy Four [scrapbook], 1903, UAB Archives;


  1. Human Skull used by Alabama dentist J. L. Key, Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences;
  2. Photograph of a Man, Moukdon, China, c. 1910, UAB Archives;
  3. Rare Books including Traites des sens, C.N. Le Cat, Amsterdam, 1744; and Prognosticacion drawen out of the bookes of Ipoctas, Auicen, and other notable auctours of physycke...., Imprynted by me Robert Wyer, [1530?], Reynolds-Finley Historical Library;
  4. Medicine Bottles used at the Medical College of Alabama, bottled by Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis; T. Engebach, New Orleans; and Rousseau Freres, Paris, late 1800s, Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences;
  5. Alabama State Nurses Association, [convention program], Selma, 1925, UAB Archives;
  6. Home Health Nursing Bag used by students in Community Health Nursing Course, c. 1960, Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences;
  7. Photograph of Dr. Oscar Teague and colleagues, China, 1911, UAB Archives.