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Need 3D Glasses for Anatomy.TV?

Anatomy TV is a 3D, interactive model of human anatomy. Use it to view medically accurate 3D images of human anatomy including:

  • animated, interactive images
  • cross sections of 3D models with equivalent MRI
  • videos demonstrating real-life images of human body movement with the use of cadavers

All with accompanying description and labeling.

Available in multiple languages, Anatomy TV was featured as a (Re)Source of the Month last year. Find out more at 3D images of skeletons, organs, muscles, and more? Yes, please!

Dr. David Resuehr in the UAB School of Medicine has also created videos on Getting Started with Anatomy.TV and using Primal Interactive Regional Anatomy.

Need 3D glasses? Ask at the HUB.

Posted on August 22, 2014@ 2:25 PM by Peggy