Physical Access to the Library
  • The library’s entrance is on University Boulevard. A ramp leads to the lobby at street level. An elevator is available to access the library entrance on the first floor. A short-term, metered, handicapped parking space is available in front of the building on University Blvd.
  • Doors leading to the lobby and to the interior of the library are operated by remote door openers. For each door, push the blue button to open the door with the blue sticker. At the Library entrance, the remote door is not the entrance door, but the exit door. All floors of the Library are accessible by elevators located inside the Library. The elevator in the lobby area provides access to other floors in the building. There are wheelchair accessible restrooms on each floor.
  • On 7th Ave, at the rear of the building, patrons with disabilities can access the library by using the phone to call for assistance with entering the staff elevator lobby. One metered, handicapped parking space is also available on 7th Ave. behind the School of Optometry.

Access to Library Resources

  • For patrons who need assistance, library staff can retrieve needed materials, complete library forms, or make photocopies. Some resources are also available for users with low literacy skills.
  • Staff can also adjust the font size for easier viewing on computer screens in most applications.
  • Because of workload and staffing patterns, please contact the library beforehand at 934-3306 to arrange for the most effective assistance. If you are unable to contact the library prior to your visit, we ask for your patience as we try to respond quickly and effectively to your unique requests. Be assured that library staff members are committed to making our resources available and accessible to you.
  • Enlargements are available at no extra charge on library photocopiers.
  • Closed captioning is available on televisions.
  • A handheld magnifying glass is available from the HUB.

If You Are Unable to Come to the Library
  • Many library services are available through remote access. Contact us with questions by phone, email, or chat. Bookdrops are available at street level to facilitate easy return of library materials. Permission for an assistant to access library materials for a patron is available. Please contact library staff at 934-3306 to complete appropriate forms if you are interested in this option.
  • Hearing impaired patrons can contact the library through the state relay number. Relay service is an operator that serves as a liaison between a hearing caller and hearing impaired caller. The Alabama Relay Center number is 1-800-548-2546.

UAB Resources


  • The library staff welcomes suggestions of other services, facilities, or resources that would help you use our library. Call 934-5460 or send us your Comments and Suggestions.