Translating innovative science to new treatments through interdisciplinary and institutional collaborations in drug discovery and development. 

Please join us at our symposium on Thursday October 26th! You can find a flyer with information and an agenda here; please help us out with logistics and register here (free); our keynote speaker is Dr. Pei-Yong Shi, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, about Antiviral Drug Discovery: Effort, Approach, and Luck


Our RFA is live! Please look for info here


We organized a CCTS-sponsored lecture series about drug discovery, which ran on Tuesdays from noon to 1 PM in PCAMS, from February 21 to May 9 2017.

You can find a flyer here.

If the presenter made their slides available, they will be posted here after the seminar. We will do another seminar series in 2018 - ask to be added to the email list to get notified!

Feb 21 - Everts - Introduction to Drug Discovery
Mar 14 - Augelli-Szafran - Medicinal Chemistry
Apr 4 - Jester and Everts - How to Apply for an IND
Apr 11 - Mark Ravera - Business Development
Apr 18 - Ed Acosta - Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development
Apr 25 - Paul Bushdid - The Role of Toxicology in Drug Development
May 2 - Rich Whitley - The Intersection of Clinical Trials and Drug Development
May 9 - Mark Suto - Target Validation

A light lunch will be served; anybody is welcome!