About the CEDD

The Center was created in October 2006, when two pilot centers were merged to form the UAB Center for Emerging Infections and Emergency Preparedness (CEIEP).  In February 2012, following a gradual change in focus of Center researchers, the Board of Trustees approved a name change to the Center for Emerging Drug Discovery (CEDD).  The new name reflects both the evolving needs of the UAB academic community as well as changing times in research funding, which is increasingly focused on the development of broad spectrum therapeutics.  The Center serves as the operational base for the UAB participation in the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance (ADDA) which began in 2008 as an expansion of the local partnership with Southern Research in basic drug development research which has developed over many years.


The mission of the Center is to align research, training and educational resources of UAB, across the campus, to promote drug discovery and its translation into clinical trials. Current research focuses on therapeutics for emerging infections, cancer, metabolic diseases and neuroscience.

A community-wide mechanism has been created via the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance to provide pilot funding for target development, high through-put screening, medicinal chemistry, preclinical toxicology and even compilation of the data into an Investigator’s Brochure and an Investigational New Drug application.  A clear focus will be on the development of approaches to unmet medical need.



Richard Whitley, MD:  Dr. Whitley is Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Microbiology, Medicine and Neurosurgery and serves as Vice-Chairman for the Department of Pediatrics and Associate Director for Drug Discovery and Development for the Comprehensive Cancer Center.  

Associate Director - Basic Science and Drug Development:

Maaike Everts, PhD: Dr. Everts is an Associate Professor in the UAB School of Medicine

Program Director - Clinical Sciences:

Penny Jester, BSN, MPH, CCRC

Program Manager:

Mary Wyatt Bowers, MA


Center for Emerging Drug Discovery
Children’s Harbor Building 303
1600 6th Ave, South
Birmingham, AL  35233
Phone: 205 934-2973
Fax: 205 934-8559
E-mail: maaike@uab.edu