Intermacs / Pedimacs Quarterly Center Reports and Datasets

The 2016 Quarter 1 Intermacs / Pedimacs Quarterly Center Reports will be uploaded to the Intermacs / Pedimacs Web Based Data Entry Systems (WBDE) the week of June 27, 2016. Site Administrators at centers with an “Active” status will be able to download these materials directly from the WBDE by clicking on the “File Delivery” page. Please share these reports with your site PI and VAD teams.

New Reports:
  • Intermacs “Recent Year” Quality Assurance Report – In addition to the standard quarterly quality assurance report Intermacs has added a new report limited to patients implanted since the beginning of the last complete calendar year (January 1st, 2015). We hope this comparison using a contemporary cohort will facilitate tracking changes in patient population and outcomes at your site.

  • Pedimacs Federal Partners Report - Intermacs is posting the new Pedimacs Federal Partners Report on the Intermacs website ( This report contains an overview of Pedimacs patient characteristics and outcomes for the entire registry.

For questions regarding reports please contact Maceo Cleggett ( For questions regarding site datasets please contact John Pennington (

Information Security Update for the Web Based Data Entry System
Due to the changes from Microsoft support for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE), the Intermacs Web Based Data Entry (WBDE) will no longer be supporting older versions of IE (Ver. 8, 9, 10).

Microsoft has stated that as of January 12, 2016 they will no longer provide security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Because of this, the Information Security Department is requiring that connecting browsers will need to be upgraded to the latest version of browser of IE or the latest version of Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

These changes will require that our customers will need to either update their systems IE browser to either the latest version of Microsoft IE 11, or install an alternate browser, such as the latest version of Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

While we at Intermacs understand that this may cause some issues with your IT department, these changes are being put into effect to protect the sensitive data being entered by your site and systems from possible vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware written for unsupported browser versions.

Please note that these changes will take effect on February 29, 2016, after that date, older versions of IE will be blocked from entering data into the WBDE.

To eliminate any delays in entering data due to browser incompatibilities please contact your specific IT department as soon as possible for assistance in upgrading your web browser.

Quarterly Report Distribution Schedule

Intermacs quarterly reports are distributed each quarter through the Web-Based Data Entry (WBDE) file delivery system. Reports are distributed three months after coverage stop date to allow complete data entry, data processing, and accuracy checks. Please send any questions and comments to Maceo Cleggett at

 Calendar Quarter  Coverage Stop Date  Distribution Date
 Q1  March 31st  June 30th
 Q2  June 30th  September 30th
 Q3  September 30th  December 31st
 Q4  December 31st  March 31st

Transfer Process

If a patient transfers his/her care, the last date of medical contact should be used as the transfer date.  This could be either a date of the last clinic visit, hospitalization or phone call.

Please update your Apple IOS version of Duo Security from your current version to version 3.5.1. The update is available on the Apple iTunes store (Link Below)
This update will fix the protection of the Duo Mobile Security application.

Intermacs is sensitive to site and participant confidentiality. Please use a secure e-mail to communicate confidential information with Intermacs staff.  If you do not have a secure e-mail available, contact us at and request access to the Intermacs secure e-mail.

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract Number HHSN268201100025C.