Intermacs is excited to announce a new addition to the Web-Based Data Entry, Outcome Analytics! The Outcome Analytics assists sites with exploring their data.

The Intermacs Outcome Analytics tool is designed to report patient outcomes in user defined cohorts. The Outcome Analytics allow the comparison of outcome data within a site or between a site and the entire Intermacs cohort. After the user has selected the criteria for the cohort, the report request is automatically submitted to our dedicated statistical server which prepares the report using the latest Intermacs research data. The final report is delivered through the WBDE and an email is sent to the user.

Types of Reports
The user-defined cohorts may be compared between the site’s own patients (cohort # 1) and an equivalent overall Intermacs (cohort # 2), the site’s own patients based on subgroups (cohort # 1 and cohort # 2), or a single cohort selection from a site.

Defining the Cohort
The user may select from the following parameters:
Implant Date Range, Gender, Race, Age Range, Pre-Implant Intermacs Level, Pre-Implant Device Strategy, Device Type, and Flow Type.

Currently, the Outcome Analytics and Cohort Comparison Reports are provided at no cost for the first year. A maintenance fee will be required for each additional year to continue using the software.

Patient Outcomes
Currently the outcome analytics tool provides a Kaplan-Meier survival curve generated for the selected cohorts. Over the next year we plan to roll out new patient outcomes including: Adverse event rates, Competing outcome analysis, and time to first adverse events.

We’d love to have your feedback or suggestions for specific outcomes of interest. Please email comments or questions to

Kaplan-Meier Survival Example
kaplan meier

Please see example reports below and start exploring your data today!

  1. Site vs. Intermacs Report
  2. Subgroup Comparison Report
  3. Single Cohort Report

Outcome Analytics Tutorial Slide Set