One of Intermacs deliverables to the MCSD community is to provide statistical analyses and/or registry data to established recipients including the Federal partners (FDA, CMS and NHLBI), and collaborating investigators. Intermacs makes data and analytical resources available for research purposes through a process overseen by the Data Access, Analysis, and Publications Committee (DAAP).  This committee, chaired by Dr. Frank Pagani,  reviews all research proposals and is now meeting bi-quarterly.

There are two analysis options for a researcher interested in requesting registry-wide data:

Please be sure to  review our Existing Research and Statistical Summaries to avoid the submission of redundant requests.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Intermacs is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of its membership. We do not sell or give out our membership data or contact information for our PI's and Coordinators. Any requests to obtain information from our membership require an interested party to submit a proposal to our Data Access, Analysis and Publications Committee for approval and pay any associated costs of having Intermacs directly collect information from our membership. Please contact Grant Studdard by email at or by phone at (205) 996-7761 for more information.