Li-XiaoAssistant Professor of Medicine

Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology


Shelby Building, Room 206
1825 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294

Telephone: (205) 996-1378

Fax: (205) 934-0515




B.S. (Biochemistry): Shandong University, Jinan, China, 1994
M.S. (Molecular Biology): Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1997
Ph.D. (Environmental Health Sciences): University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2006
Postdoctoral Fellow: Department of Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2006-2011


Research Interests

Pathogenesis of Mollicutes (such as Mycoplasma species) and mechanisms by which they interact with host to avoid or subvert the host immune response.



Click here for a more complete list of publications. Below are selected papers.

Xiao L, Ptacek T, Osborne JD, Kumar R, Simmons WL, Crabb DM, Lefkowitz EJ, Waites KB, Atkinson TP, Dybvig K. 2015. Comparative Genome Analysis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae. BMC Genomics. 16(1):610. PMID: 26275904 PMC4537597

Bharat A, Cunningham SA, Scott Budinger GR, Kreisel D, DeWet CJ, Gelman AE, Waites K, Crabb D, Xiao L, Bhorade S, Ambalavanan N, Dilling DF, Lowery EM, Astor T, Hachem R, Krupnick AS, DeCamp MM, Ison MG, Patel R. 2015. Disseminated Ureaplasma infection as a cause of fatal hyperammonemia in humans. Sci Transl Med. 7(284):284re3. PMID:25904745   PMC4677674

Centor RM, Atkinson TP, Ratliff AE, Xiao L, Crabb DM, Estrada CA, Faircloth MB, Oestreich L, Hatchett J, Khalife W, Waites KB. 2015. The Clinical Presentation of Fusobacterium-Positive and Streptococcal-Positive Pharyngitis in a University Health Clinic: A Cross-sectional Study. Ann Intern Med. 17;162(4):241-7. PMID: 25686164

Xiao L, Crabb DM, Dai Y, Chen Y, Waites KB, Atkinson TP. 2014. Suppression of antimicrobial peptide expression by Ureaplasma species. Infect Immun. 82(4):1657-65. PMID: 24491573 PMCID: PMC3993410

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