About Us

The TJ Atchison Spinal Cord Injury Research Program started in 2012 because of TJ Atchison and Senator Marc Keahey securing funding from the Education Trust Fund Budget. Legislature appropriated a $400,000 line item for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This program is unique because of its focus on research from the bench to the bedside, with an established discovery core labratory on to starting the first translational research lab of its kind in the US.

In the two years of funding from the State of Alabama we have made huge progress in both our discovery core labratories and translational core labratories including:


•Encourages collaboration and provides technical expertise for all UAB researchers

• Enables researchers form outside of the field to conduct ground breaking pilot research in spinal cord injury

•7 new studies initiated, all with investigators outside of the field 


·       Hired and trained necessary technical personnel (methodological expertise in place)

·       Set-up translational laboratory facilities, including porcine model

·       Initiated seminal research study to evaluate sex differences in injury pathology in porcine model

·       Initiated NEW collaborations with 9 other investigators 

This translational lab will be used to study both chronic and acute injuries giving hope to those suffering from paralysis as well as those who will incur this injury in the future. This lab provides the state with a clinically-relevant, non-rodent model of SCI. The FDA typically requires evaluation of a new therapeutic in two species, with one being non rodent, this lab facilitates both. With full funding this lab will fill the gap in bench-to-bedside translation of novel SCI therapeutics. 

If you are interested in supporting this phenominal research program you can donte through The Campaign for UAB, please be sure the "TJ Atchison Spinal Cord Injury Research Program" Is selected. We greatly appreciate your support.