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DATE:           June 12, 2013

TO:                UAB Departments            

FROM:          Louis Dale

SUBJECT:    Nominations for the Department of Supplier Diversity Quarterly Newsletter (click subject to download letter)

The Department of Supplier Diversity (SD) is pleased to invite you to nominate a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) for the Vendor Spotlight section of the SD quarterly newsletter.

A.    Eligibility – vendor/nominee must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a recognized and certified DBE in good standing with UAB,
  2.  Must have contracted for goods/services within the past year,
  3. Must be recommended by a UAB department that has utilized the DBE for goods/services within the past year. Nominating department must provide a written statement highlighting the basis for the nomination.
B.     Criteria for Selection by Department(s):
  1.  Efficient and timeliness of goods/services.
  2. Quality of goods/services provided by the vendor.
  3. Flexibility with regards to requested changes, if any.
  4. Level of courteous and professional service, and
  5. Level of knowledgeable of university processes and procedures.

The selected vendor will be contacted in writing and a written response of acceptance should be received within five (5) days after notification.  The committee will request information from the vendor and the department for use in the newsletter.

All vendor / nominee recommendations are due by the end of the first week of each quarter.