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2014 Graduates

Acquiring a job has become increasingly challenging for new graduates fresh out of college, but these 4 graduates of the UAB MPAD Center rose to the occasion and have been hired to major companies around the country. The skills/knowledge they gained from working at the UAB MPAD Center have propelled them into highly competitive engineering jobs. 

Ranae Wright, pictured on the left, received her B.S. in Materials Engineering from UAB in May of 2014 and relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina at the end of the summer where she has been hired by Highland Industries as a Composites Engineer. Raymond Solomon, pictured second, received his B.S. in Materials Engineering with a concentration in Polymer Matrix Composites and was hired by Honda Manufacturing of Alabama located in Lincoln, Alabama as a Quality Analysis Engineer Associate and began working in early September.  

Khongor Jamiyanaa, pictured third, graduated with a Master's degree in Materials Engineering successfully completing his research in Thermoplastic Pultrusion Process Development. Khongor received a job as a Design Release Engineer with Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group in Detroit, Michigan. Pete Barfknecht, pictured on the right, successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation this past week on In-Cito Polymerization of Nylon 6 and is scheduled to graduate this December. Pete's circumstances have been unique in that he has spent his summers working at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland in the midst of earning his Ph.D. in Materials Science, and will now be transitioning into a full time position as a Cryogenics Engineer.

All four students received hands-on experience at the UAB MPAD Center through federal funding from two major government agencies: Ranae, Raymond, and Khongor participated as scholars in  the Department of Energy Graduate Automotive Technology Education (DOE GATE) program and Pete participated as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow.

Congratulations to all of these talented alumni on all of their accomplishments and hard work! We wish them continued success in their future!