Solicitations for federal contracts are announced via RFP (Request for Proposal), PA (Program Announcement), BAA (Broad Agency Announcement) or some mechanism with the goal of producing and delivering a specific product or service or technical report for the federal government (“Government”). These announcements can be accessed via The RFP provides information regarding the statement of work that the Government expects, reporting requirements, forms required and the basis used for the evaluation of the proposal. RFP’s and associated forms are available via the web and typically offer more than one format available for viewing on-line or downloading.

The solicitation such as an RFP will provide much information, including forms and any other content necessary to begin the process of developing the proposal. The PI planning to respond to an RFP should contact OSP as early as possible so that one of our OSP Officers can meet with him / her to answer any questions and help the PI begin the process. The UAB OSP Officer plays an important role in all stages of Contract Administration: RFP or PA review, proposal review, contract negotiations and post award administration.  

It is the responsibility of the UAB OSP Officer to review the proposal prior to submission and meet with the PI and / or the Business or Financial Officer, if necessary, to ensure that all of the required components are in place, obtain necessary Institutional signatures on appropriate forms and check the budget for accuracy and verify that the correct Fringe Benefit Rates are used and that the Indirect Cost Rate is correct. Keep in mind that RFP’s provide detailed guidelines and although they have many similarities, each RFP can have differences in the requirements for the proposal. Each must be carefully read and understood.


NOTE: Please remember all proposals submitted to the OSP must include the UAB Extramural Checklist.


 Letter of Intent

Due date specified in RFP (Submit as soon as possible)


Required forms are specified in the RFP.

The proposal must be prepared in two parts: a “Technical Proposal” and a “Business Proposal”. Each of the parts shall be separate and complete in itself so the evaluation of one may be accomplished independently of, and concurrently with, the evaluation of the other.

Business Proposal

Proposal Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Cost and Pricing Data: The business proposal must contain sufficient information to allow the Government to perform a basic analysis of the proposed cost or price of the work. The information shall include the amounts of the basis elements of the proposed cost or price. These elements will include, as applicable, direct labor, fringe benefits, travel, materials, subcontracts, purchased parts, equipment other costs, indirect costs and fringe benefit rate. Documentation must be able to be provided for every cost or price used in the budget.

Letter of commitment required from Consultants & Subcontractors:

If subcontractors are proposed, please include a commitment letter from the subcontractor detailing:

  1. Willingness to perform as a subcontractor for specific duties (list duties).
  2. What priority the work will be given and how it will relate to other work.
  3. The amount of time and facilities available to this project.
  4. Information on the cognizant field audit offices.
  5. How rights to publications and patents are to be handled.
  6. A complete cost proposal in the same format as the UAB’s cost proposal.

Representations and Certifications – Schedule K will be completed by the UAB OSP Officer.

Small Business Contracting Plan: When the University submits a request or receives a Federal Contract or Subcontract is greater than $550,000, we are required to establish a Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Plan) with the Government Agency who issues the Contract. In the Plan, we establish and agree to specific small business goals for purchases/contracts which use funds from that Contract. (UAB Procurement Contracts requires a final budget to prepare the plan)

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities – Form will be completed by UAB OSP Officer.

Qualification of Offeror: Generally includes: general experience, Institution’s experience, performance history, pertinent contracts and pertinent grants. A list of pertinent contracts and grants can be requested using an Ad Hoc request.

Annual Financial Report

Travel Policy

Detailed price supporting information will be required at the time of proposal submission or prepared to supply as “Just-In-Time”

Extent of Small Disadvantaged Business Participation: When required, this statement is mandatory to demonstrate the overall commitment and realism of the offeror’s SDB Participation. This is separate and apart from the Small Business Subcontracting Plan. Where participation of SDB concerns in the performance of the contract is not feasible, the offeror shall provide specific rationale for this exclusion. The information is to be provided in one clearly marked section of the Business Proposal.

Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data: To be submitted only at the time negotiations are concluded. It is to certify the Cost and Pricing Data. The OSP Officer will need to review the supporting documentation for the costs and pricing used in order to complete the Certificate.

Technical Proposal

Data Sharing Plan: Link to NIH Data Sharing Policy

Detailed Statement of Work- include objectives, methods &approach

Disclose the technical approach in as much detail as possible

Technical Proposal Cost Summary

Project Organization

Staff and management organization

Facilities and equipment

Consultants and subcontractors

Past performance of similar projects

Information Technology Systems Security (if required)