part and scomme it clene as it boylith & whanne it is

clene. tak .1. ponde of good kroppis madir mad in to pou-

dir and half a ponde of alum roch brent and mad in

to poudir/ And whil þe licour boylith ouer þe fier/ do inn

þe madir and þe alum/ and suffre hem boyle toge-

dre þe space as þu may sey þis psalme. miserere me

deus. /Thanne tak it from þe fier and streyne it thorgh

a clene cloth and kepe wet þat water for it is a precious

water. /And whanne þu wilt vse it make a rolle of kane-

uas. as so brod as þyn hand/ and also lange as þow

may rolle it from þe foot to þe kne. and wete

þe rolle of kaneuas with þe water aforesayd þat it

be thorgh wete./ and þanne rolle it on þe seke legge

also streyt as þow may. and do þus .3. tymes in þe

day and it schal make þe legge smal in his kynde

and frete a wey al þe dede flesch þowgh þer

were an hundrid holis in þe legge or a mormal. and

hele þe legge for euer with owte any salue plaster

or oynement/ in hasty tyme./

//for alle maner soris./ Tak hony and oyle .1. pynte. and

half a ponde of wex & schepis talgh./ and half a ponde

of frankensense. boyle hem to gedre an hour and

þis oynement is good for alle soris.

//Tak .1. libram of boris grece .1. libram of Comyne. half a pond of

hony. half a ponde of blak sope. and .30. komoun oyniouns

and .1.galoun of pisse. þanne sethe þe pisse & þe oyniouns to

gedre til þe oyniouns be al to soden./ þanne medle alle þese

thyngis aforesayd and bray hem in a mortier/ and mak

// þerof a plaster/