//Medicyne for þe scabbe

// Tak synkfoyl and stampe it smal and tempre it with

grece or elles with botre and anoynte þer with þe scabbe

and þis is a good medicyne

// A medicyne for þe salseflewme

Tak .ii. {unce}of leke rotis & of swyne grece & .1. {unce} of poudre

of ginger & .1. {unce} of poudre of gelofris & .1. {unce} quyksilver

first tak half an vnce of lilie rotis & stampe him with

grece & medle þerwith al þy poudris & þy quyksilver

& pore thorgh a lynen cloth & medle þat to gedre

in maner of an oynement./ Thanne tak þe man þat

hath þe salseflewme & make hym hete good mete &

good drynk wyn or ale. And þanne mak hym a kowch

agens a good fyr as hoot as he may suffre. loke þis

be don at even & þanne anoynte hym with þe forseyd

oynement/ And on þe morwe wasche his visage

with water of þe rede rose. and þus do .iii. nyghtis

or fowre. or .v. at þe moste & he schal be hool

for evir more. // A medicyne for þe stone

// Tak þe hool parsely crop & rotis & sauge croppis & Rwe

& stanmarch rotis & croppis & avence. & yuy beryes and

gromyll. saxfrage. and powdir of cherystonis. and

tak þese herbes & stampe hem to gedre in a mortar &

tempre it with a galoun of stale ale & let it sethe