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EMSHA Class 27
Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry Mustian

EMSHA Class 32
Lori Quinn
Brian Spraberry
Robert Stanley

EMSHA Class 34
Wes Smith

EMSHA Class 36
Elizabeth A. Prosch

EMSHA Class 38
Nan Priest
Joel Windham
Paula D. Williams

EMSHA Class 40
Brett Scullen
EMSHA Class 41
Alfred Faulk

EMSHA Class 43
Christopher and Jennifer Brainard

Classes 1-5
Jonathan Vance
(Class 3)

Dr. and Mrs. S. Robert Hernandez (Class 5)

Class 6
John Casey
Bob Chandler
Bob Chapman

Class 7
Herman G. Brehmer
J. David Jacocks
William D. Mize
Jon Vice

Class 8
Kerry Teel

Class 9
Bob Batson
Ken & Ginny Bloch
Susan & Charlie Faulkner
Will Ferniany
Mike Garrigan
Mike Stephens
Tim Stinson
Jane Van Hsieh

Class 11
Jim Decker
Roger Gehri
Bart Hove
David Parmer
Marilyn Williams

Class 12
Jerry Bryson
Paul Clark
Richard Francis
Michael Tarwater

Class 13
Edward & Martha Bonn
Jim and Tina Burkhart
Lois Guy Cody
Joe Gribbin
Claude Harbarger
Olivia DeVault-Kalin
Carolyn E. Riley

Class 14
Mark Anderson
Janet Perry Book
Doris Reinhart
Jim Shmerling
Mike Williams

Class 15
Helen Brody

Class 16
Mary Mann

Class 17
Candace Jennings
Rica Lewis-Payton
Chuck & Judy Stokes
Jay Vines

Class 18
Gordon & Cynthia Ferguson
Barbara Parker
Dorothy Goodson Snowden

Class 19
Vance M. Chunn

Class 20
Clay Carr
Andrew McDonald
Larry Walls (in honor of Tee Hiett)
Butch Wheeler

Class 22
Owen Bailey
David Gray
Narendra Kini
Sandy Thurmond

Class 23
Jacklin (Sharron) Conrad
Coleman Foss
XiaoFeng Liu
Andrea Serra
Windsor Sherrill
Teresa Shufflebarger
David Wilson

Class 24
Susan Abroms
Randa Hall
Vanessa Walls (in honor of Tee Hiett)

Class 25
Mike Dietrich
Ed & Lisa Heath
Lori Jenkins
Greg & Beth Neal
Andrea Rosler
Sally Seeds

Class 26
Scott Bence
Neeysa Biddle
Jeff Lindsay
Michael Lunceford

Class 27
Doug Beverly
Liesl Bittner
Lynn Elgin
Mark Faulkner
Ken Haynes
Elizabeth Marquardt Hicks
Tish Towns

Class 28
Jason Alexander
Nora Byrd
Cindy Davies
Jon-David Deeson
David Figliuzzi
Janet & John Holland
Douglas Jones
Cindy Lee
Jan Levine
Greg Merrill
Pamela Pilcher
John Warner
Lisa Warren
Jean Wester
Seth Wilhite

Class 29
Charlie Powell
Susan Cade Slaughter
Scott Weeks
Stacy & Perry White
Billy & Suzanne Woods

Class 30
Lori Bray
Greg Hulsey

Class 31
Michelle Banks
Kimberley Giles
Peter Selman
Thomas Steiner

Class 32
Heather Dexter
Kevin Flynn
Todd Smith

Class 33
Joe Jacobs
Adam Kadane
Jason Little
Christi Napper
Rebecca Patterson
Lisa Pearson
Michael & Bonnie Phillips
Sean Tinney
Julia Ventress
David Williams

Class 34
Sarah Dillard
Julia Fretwell
Elizabeth Girotto
Vickie & Vinnie Sharma
Gayle & Michael White

Class 35
Traci Spray d'Auguste
Amy & Rob Landry
Trent Lind
Brian & Mindy Maziarz
Russell Pigg
Daniel Stanton

Class 36
Bonnie & Michael Phillips

Class 37
Ross & Jamie Armstrong
Josh Brinkley
Bradley Ervin
Matthew Gibson
William Bryan Lee
Brad & Carroll Lane Parsons
Jason Searcy
Jackie Turner

Class 38
Rebecca & Chad Cullison
Andrew Gnann
Amanda Henson
Lenetra McCord

Class 39
Brian Barbeito
Jamie Dabal
Jordan DeMoss
Brandon Haushalter
Yameeka Jones
Jenna Koebel

Class 40
Barrie Arnold
Ryan Beale
Adam Cook
Rusty English
Jay de los Reyes
Jennifer Peters

Class 41
Callie & Kevin Andrews
Kathryn Evans
Jeanette Glenn
John Kueven
Melissa Paschenk
Ben Whitworth
Jana Williams
Carra & Benjamin Youree

Class 42
Kyle Armstrong
Mary Galloway
Brent McLean
Brad Tate

Class 43
Ashley Dickinson

Class 44
Jessica Pearce Bakane
Michael Conrad
Carlie Gotlieb
Jessica Hunter
Rhonda Magee
Hollie Nolan
Travis Pinnix
Chris Westbrook (HCM '08)

Class 45
Jim Bush
Cory Everett
Richard Foy
Caroline Sarratt
Katy Wittman

Lee Test '12
Chris Westbrook '08

Shannon Houser '93
Pam Paustian '04
Donna Slovensky '75

Amanda Dorsey '99

Cathleen O. Erwin
Amy & Rob Landry '06(MSHA Class 35)
Stephen O'Connor '88
Haiyan Qu '07
Jose & Mary Joe Quintana '84
Donna Slovensky '96
Doug Smith '01
J.M. "Mickey" Trimm '96
Jessie Tucker '98

SHP Faculty & Staff
Katie Adams
Eta Berner
Bryan Breland
Darrell Burke
Jeff Burkhardt
Kay Clements
Brian & Melanie Davis
Amanda Dorsey (MSHI '99)
Michelle East (HCM '03)
Mary Foster
Robert Garrie
Gerald Glandon & Roberta Shapiro
Randa Hall (MSHA Class 24)
M. Elizabeth Hendrix
Tee & Monterey Hiett
Bernard Harris
Howard Houser
Shannon Houser (HIM '93)
Harold Jones
Lorrinda Khan
Lakesha Kinnerson (HIM '01)
Amy Landry (MSHA Class 35, PhD '06)
Samira Laouzai
Stacey McElrath
David M. Morris
Melanie Talbot Montgomery
Jon Nugent
Stephen O'Connor (PhD '88)
Sara Patterson
Pam Paustian (HIM '04)
Haiyan Qu (PhD '07)
Jose & Mary Joe Quintana (PhD '84)
Midge Ray
Sharon Robinson
April Rollins-Kyle
Amanda Sherman
Donna Slovensky (HIM '75, PhD '96)
Melody Stewart
Kevin Storr
Michael Tate
Felicia Tigner
J.M. "Mickey" Trimm (PhD '96)
Jon Vice (MSHA Class 7)
Robert Weech-Maldonado
Lee Test (HCM '12)
Jessica Williams

Friends of SHP
Dr. & Mrs. T. James Bush, Jr.
ECG Management Consultants
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

NE ViewThe following information should help you gain a better understanding of the facts surrounding our building campaign and help you make an informed decision on how you can be a part of this opportunity to create a modern facility for the next generation of health care leaders.

If you have a question that has not been answered please contact our Director of Development Katie Adams by email,, or by phone, 205-996-5469, and she will be happy to answer your questions.

What is the SHP building campaign?
A building campaign is a school project that seeks pledged donations from alumni, faculty, staff and friends to pay for a major construction project. We have added a 5th and 6th floor to the SHP building. The state-of-the-art facilities provide our students and faculty more than 35,000 square feet of the most technologically up-to-date laboratory and classroom space.

Why is SHP adding floors?
We have experienced rapid growth and dramatic change - all while setting the standard for health care training and research. Since 2001, we've added approximately 800 students and many departments are spread among several buildings across UAB. With this expansion, those departments will now be able to consolidate and thereby improve outcomes on both the education and on the research side.

What do the additions provide?
The 5th floor will house the Department of Health Services Administration and provide space for its master and doctoral students. The 6th floor will house a state-of-the-art Executive Learning Center with 100 seats and two break-out rooms. The floor will also house two Physical Therapy labs, several conference rooms and the SHP Dean’s Administration offices.

“We don’t have the educational facilities we need, but in spite of all of that, we are turning out a great product. And I’m just thinking how much better we would be if we had the facilities to match the talent of the faculty as well as the talent of the students.”
~Jon Vice, campaign co-chair, MSHA alumnus (Class 47)

How much did the additions cost?
The total cost of the project is $13 million.

How were the additions financed?
The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees passed a $7 million bond to cover part of the cost. The School of Health Professions is responsible for the remaining $6 million.

What is the campaign goal?
Our goal is to raise the entire $6 million to cover all expenses.

The additions are complete in August, why do you still need to raise funds?
The money we paid up front, in order to get approval for the project as well as the bond, is money that comes from the school budget. This is money that is typically used to create cutting edge programs, recruit highly sought after faculty, and provide students with incomparable support.

Who is SHP asking to contribute?
Anyone who is interested in inspiring and impacting the dreams of current and future generations is welcome to contribute. We accept contributions from alumni, family, community foundations, corporations, friends and more.

Many institutions ask for support, why should I contribute to SHP?
The School of Health Professions has contributed to the growth of UAB and the city of Birmingham by long offering a world-class education to all who seek health care knowledge. Our faculty and staff are driven by an intense commitment to provide rigorous academics and diverse experiences. The new building additions will only increase our ability to make a difference in the health care world for generations to come.

SHPB head onIs my contribution tax deductible?
Yes. All gifts made to the SHP building campaign are tax deductible. We encourage you to always check with your tax advisor for more information.

How can I contribute?
Contributions of cash, check and credit card are accepted and appreciated. However, there are many other ways to contribute that you may wish to consider including payroll deduction for UAB employees; assets like stocks and bonds; and planned giving. There are also naming opportunities available if you wish to leave a legacy by commemorating a person, a group, an organization or a corporation.

Do I need to pay all at once?
No. You can make a pledge to pay a certain amount and that gift can be made over five years. Payments may be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. There is also an option where your payments on that pledge begin when most convenient for you. Download our pledge form to learn more.

How much should I give?
Only you can answer this question. We will not presume to tell you what you should give. Your decision should be based on your ability to help and your interest in helping. And remember, all pledges and gifts matter, regardless of amount.

What if my financial situation changes?
Whether you find yourself in a better position and wish to give more or suffer an unforeseen setback and need to give less; you may update your commitment at any time.

How else can I help?
It all starts with your personal contacts and social networks (please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn). Select a list of friends, relatives and former classmates - who typically do not see your social media activity - to email asking them to contribute to our campaign. You can also contact us with names of people, groups, corporations or organizations that you feel would be interested in helping us achieve our goal.

Who has contributed so far?
We have 100 percent buy in from the Building Campaign Committee, faculty that will teach at the school in fall 2013 and the Dean's administrative office staff. We have received pledges from current students, former students, former faculty and people not associated with the school but who are dedicated to what we do. For access to a complete list of donors click here.