In 1975, Air Force flight surgeon Dr. Roland Weinsier helped a sergeant’s wife lose weight using a specific plan he gave her that focused on volume, rather than calories. It worked. A year later when Weinsier joined the UAB faculty, he investigated his theory which later became the EatRight program. EatRight is now one of the most successful weight management programs in the country.

Today, EatRight is a lifestyle-oriented weight control program designed to beat the odds of the weight-loss battle by easing participants into new eating and exercising habits. Dr. Weinsier based EatRight on the findings that the amount of food we eat rather than the calorie or the fat content of the food determines when we feel full and stop eating.

The staff that make up the EatRight Weight Management Services team are members of the Department of Nutrition Sciences in the UAB School of Health Professions. This expert team of physicians, dietitians, and exercise trainers are glad to provide EatRight services to the general public using the most up-to-date nutrition information available. To access this expertise, individuals may refer themselves to our services (205-934-7053), or they may seek a physician referral for some of our programs, such as the UAB Risk Reduction Clinic.


Research Publications about EatRight

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