Through EatRight Worksite Wellness, employees can receive a comprehensive array of services, encompassing all aspects of health and wellness that can help them achieve their desired health goals. Your organization benefits from healthier employees and decreased health care costs.

The EatRight Worksite Wellness Program provides employees with comprehensive health screenings, lab measurements, and face-to-face counseling. Using this process, we can identify employees at various levels of health risk and deliver appropriate, targeted programs designed to reduce their risk of disease and adverse medical events. Ultimately, the employee benefits by seeing improvements in quality of life, decreased disease risk and burden, and improved overall health. As a result, worksites benefit from decreased health care costs and improved employee morale and productivity, creating an overall cost savings for the company. All of these services can be provided by the EatRight Worksite Wellness Program, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.


Our Comprehensive Plan Includes:

  • Onsite laboratory and biometric assessment
  • Comprehensive online health risk assessment
  • Aggregate reports of screening data and lifestyle outcomes
  • Individual face-to-face consultations with an EatRight professional to explain assessment results
  • Onsite instruction of EatRight Lifestyle program
  • Preferred appointment for OPTIFAST program