The UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences is the only academic unit in the world with NIH-funded centers for diabetes (DRC) and obesity (NORC). These two premier centers focus on scientifically fighting what causes obesity, diabetes and the many related diseases.

As a department, we are committed to making new discoveries in new ways that can help people in our clinics and your community to live healthier, effective and productive lives through weight loss medicine and translational research applications. We are training the next generation of researchers and scientists plus expanding our capabilities by implementing innovative areas to help achieve these goals.

Continuing the UAB School of Health Professions commitment to excellence, we are building state-of-the-art facilites where research, education and the clinical treatment of people will lead to new discoveries in our mission to cure obesity related diseases and end the obesity epidemic.

NS Kitchen FINALPhase I - Exercise Testing FacilityAuditorium CapturePhase III - Learning Center