You deserve to have all your questions answered. The following information should help you gain a better understanding of our facilities expansion. You should leave this page understanding why you should be a catalyst in building a platform for tomorrow's discoveries today.

However, if you have a question that has not been answered please contact our Director of Development Katie Adams by email,, or by phone, 205-996-5469, and she will be happy to answer your questions

What is the Nutrition Sciences Facilities Expansion?
This is a project that seeks pledged donations from alumni, faculty, staff and friends to pay for a major construction project. We are building state-of-the-art facilities to provide our researchers with the most technologically up-to-date laboratory space, our students with an unequal learning experience and our patients with cutting edge treatment.

Why is Nutrition Sciences updating space?
Our headquarters, the Susan Mott Webb Nutrition Sciences Building, was dedicated in 1982. Think of all the advances in common technology since then. We need to modernize our headquarters in order to meet the needs required to conduct the quality of research expected from UAB scientists. Technology is rapidly advancing. If we advance with technology then our ability to find new discoveries increases exponentially.

What do the additions provide?
Phase One will provide a state-of-the-art exercise testing facility that is dedicated to research and patients only. Phase Two will build a cutting edge demonstration kitchen that will allow in-house testing and be wired to educate thousands simultaneously online. Phase Three will create a technologically advanced classroom to meet our education mission for students, patients and the health care community.

How much will the renovations cost?
We are estimating a total cost of well more than $1 million. Phase One estimates are between $90,000 - $110,000. Phase Two estimates are between $400,000 - $700,000. Phase Three is in design and estimates are not available.

What is the expansion goal?
Our goal is to raise the entire monies necessary to cover all expenses.

Who are you asking to contribute?
We are reaching out to anyone who is like you. We know you are interested in impacting those who need help. We know you are interested in inspiring others with your leadership. You know our research impacts countless people and our discoveries inspire dreams so we are asking people like you to contribute. We accept contributions from alumni, family, community foundations, corporations, friends and more.

Many institutions ask for support, why should you contribute to Nutrition Sciences?
Diabetes and obesity are epidemics plaguing the United States. UAB is the leader in research in these areas. Your generosity will help us find new discoveries and allow us to continue to be the leader in wellness and the fight against wellness diseases. 

Is your contribution tax deductible?
Simply put - yes. All gifts made to the facilities expansion are tax deductible. We encourage you to check with your tax advisor for more information.

How can you contribute?
Contributions of cash, check and credit card are accepted and appreciated. However, there are many other ways to contribute including payroll deduction for UAB employees; assets like stocks and bonds; and planned giving. There are also naming opportunities available if you wish to stip up from a giver to a leader. Naming opportunities allow you to leave a legacy by commemorating a person, a group, an organization or a corporation.

Do you need to pay all at once?
No. You can make a pledge to pay a certain amount and that gift can be made over five years. Payments may be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. There is also an option where your payments begin when most convenient for you. Please contact our Sr. Director of Development Katie Adams by email,, or by phone, 205-996-5469, for a pledge form or for any questions.

How much should you give?
Only you can answer this question. Your decision should be based on your ability to help and your interest in helping. And remember, all pledges and gifts matter, regardless of amount.

What if your financial situation changes?
Whether you find yourself in a better position and wish to give more or suffer an unforeseen setback and need to give less; you may update your commitment at any time.

How else can you help?
It all starts with your personal contacts and social networks (please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn). Second, select a list of friends, relatives and former classmates - who typically do not see your social media activity - to email asking them to contribute to our expansion. You can also contact us with names of people, groups, corporations or organizations that you feel would be interested in helping us achieve our goal.