schematic kitchen cropPhase II - Demonstration KitchenPhase Two will build a cutting edge demonstration kitchen on the 6th floor of the headquarters in the Susan Mott Webb Nutrition Sciences Building. In addition to top-of-the-line cooking equipment, the kitchen will be wired with the latest technology to record demonstrations, expand online education efforts, extend community outreach, house a nutrition seminar series and much more.

The estimated cost for Phase Two is $400,000 - $700,000.

"This will allow us the potential to expand our nutrition studies," said Timothy R. Nagy, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences. "This gives us the space, equipment and technology to study where food is served and enable us to observe food intake patterns and preferences. The opportunities are endless."

UAB Kitchen finalPhase II - Kitchen RenderingAnother key element to Phase Two will be a direct connection to the newly launched UAB Weight Loss Medicine program. This is a team of physicians, registered dietitians, behaviorists, exercise trainers and other health professionals that tailor a weight loss plan for each patient. They guide the client in getting the right services to meet individual needs and circumstances. It is highly specialized because they understand that weight loss and weight maintenance are hard and that learning the tools, rather than finding a “quick-fix”, will lead to a healthier you.

"It is one thing to teach overweight people how to cook health foods in a classroom and another thing to teach them how to do that in an actual kitchen," said Nagy. "Right now these classes are being taught offsite but we need to bring that onto campus so we can incorporate all of their learning in one convenient location."