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Honors College FAQ

These questions relate to the Honors College (formerly known as the Honors Academy) and its relationship to the Science and Technology Honors Program.

How do I decide which Honors College Program is best for me?

The student who is the best fit for each program differs. A student who wants to focus his/her honors work on research in science and/or engineering is a good fit for the Science and Technology Honors Program which customizes a student's undergraduate experience around their research interests.

Can I apply to more than one Honors College Program?

Yes, you can indicate interest in any of the honors programs that you wish. Students are, however, encouraged to think carefully about which programs are the best fit for their interests.

Can I enroll in more than one Honors College Program?

Students in EMSAP/EDSAP/EOSAP may be concurrently enrolled in University Honors (UHP), Science and Technology Honors (STHP), Global and Community Leadership Honors (GCLHP), or Experiential Learning Scholars (ELSP).

Students cannot be enrolled in more than one of the following: UHP, STHP, GCLHP, or ELSP. Each of these programs is structured differently, and students must choose the one which is the best fit for them.