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Student Research

Through a series of STHP Seminars, you will discover the methodologies and  techniques used to study biology, cell biology, chemistry, complex information systems, engineering, neuroscience, physics, and more.

In your Research Approaches courses, you will learn state of the art laboratory methods in biotechnology and other disciplines, preparing you for research experiences. You will visit laboratories to observe researchers up close and in action.

You can begin working with a UAB researcher as soon as you are ready - as early as your freshman year!

Your Honors Thesis will be a hands-on research experience like no other at UAB - a two-year project applying the methods you have learned in your courses and seminars.   This project enables you to become an expert in your research area.

Throughout your independent research project, you will work one-on-one with a faculty mentor as you propose and conduct the research. Once you have results from your project, you will write your honors thesis and submit it for publication in a scientific journal. You will also have the opportunity to present your work at national conferences.


For more information on undergraduate research at UAB, please visit the UAB Office for Undergraduate Research site or the UAB Research Expo site.