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Research FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions regarding research with the program.

How soon can I start doing research? Do I have to wait until my sophomore or junior year?

We will help you find a lab that is a good fit for your interests and career goals as soon as you are ready. Some STHP students begin research as freshmen. The program is designed so that all students choose a research mentor by the end of their sophomore year.

How will I find a research mentor?

The STHP faculty will work with you individually as your interests develop and will help you contact faculty with whom you would like to work. During the Research Approaches II course (Spring Semester, Sophomore year), you will spend four weeks in each of three labs to broaden your experience and help you choose a lab for your Honors Thesis Research.

Can I complete both Honors in my major and Science and Technology Honors?
Yes, the Honors Thesis you do in the STHP will, in most cases, satisfy the thesis requirements in your major.