Future Undergraduate

The hardest part of your freshman year should be your classes, not deciding what they should be.

Our advisors are the kind of people who know what you’re going to need to know and do to get your degree, and who know how to help you find a path to fulfillment and success (since that one can be kind of a stumper). But it’s not just about paperwork and requirements—it’s also about finding resources that can help you catch up and get ahead in class and finding classes that will be not just beneficial but also fun.

Future Students

Current Students

You can rely on your academic advisor for information, assistance, and encouragement throughout your time at UAB. Your advisor can help you identify your goals and develop educational plans to reach them; understand degree requirements, course selection, and schedule planning; locate resources across campus that can boost your academic performance, understand academic policies and procedures; and discover information about potential areas of study.

Current Students