Goodbye, Blaze statue; hello, Blaze topiary!

Blaze statue in front of Bartow ArenaThe much-loved Blaze statue in front of Bartow Arena will soon disappear, but before you take up arms in revolt, rest assured that the statue is scheduled to return.

“Unfortunately the rumors are true, and Blaze is under the weather,” Becky Watson, associate vice president in the Office of Alumni and Annual Giving, told UAB News.

If you've taken more than a cursory glance at the statue lately, you've probably noticed a number of cracks spreading across Blaze's neck and body. After our beloved dragon completes his recommended medical leave, he is expected to return in January, 2014.

Blaze topiary on the UAB Campus GreenMeanwhile, a beautiful new Blaze topiary has recently taken up residence on the Campus Green between the Rec Center and Heritage Hall.

We've seen lots of Blazers sharing photos of the topiary via social media, but now's the time to get your picture taken in front of the Bartow Blaze statue before it's gone!  Share pics of both dragons and tag them with #GoBlazers.