Hypnotic Intoxication will get you drunk without a hangover

Hypnotism participants believe the water they are drinking is alcohol.Hypnotism participants believe the water they are drinking is alcohol.Where can you get drunk on campus with your friends and have access to all-you-can-drink free alcohol, but wake up without a hangover the next morning?

Hypnotist Keith Karkut will entertain students while educating about the effects of alcohol and other addictive drugs with his show "Hypnotic Intoxication" Monday, October 14 at 7 p.m. in Volker Hall, Lecture Room A.

Through hypnosis, Karkut makes volunteers believe they have unlimited access to the most potent alcohol, but participants are really only drinking bottled water. Nevertheless, you'll see your friends stumbling around, slurring their speech, thinking they can dance, and passing out.

The demonstration is geared toward generating an open discussion about responsible drinking, leading into National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week October 20-26.