Students tapped to work on QEP marketing campaign

John Reichle, Jaala Shelwood, and Rami Elsharif stand outside the Collat School of Business.Senior marketing majors John Reichle, Jaala Shelwood, and Rami Elsharif are creating a campus marketing campaign for the new QEP. But as many students are likely unfamiliar with the purpose of a QEP, you may be wondering: "What is a QEP, anyway? And why should it matter to me?"

QEP stands for "Quality Enhancement Plan." Every 10 years, UAB is tasked with developing and implementing one.

The process lasts for a period of years (this one has been in the works since 2012) and ties in with UAB's reaffirmation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.  The SACS-COC is where UAB earns its label as an accredited university.

The current QEP theme is "Learning in a Team Environment."

What might seem a vague catchphrase is actually an extensive plan for a widely-encompassing institutional process that will be implemented all over campus -- including within your own classes.

Since team-skills are critical to success from the baccalaureate level to clinicians, all of the deans decided that their schools/college would participate. This QEP is one of the first educational efforts at UAB that will affect students in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. In additional to academic programs, Student Life, Career and Professional Services, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and every entity that interacts with students and faculty are invited to participate.

So the QEP's student marketing team has a big task in front of them. You can read more about their marketing efforts in The Reporter.