USGA Election Run-offs and Results


They worked so hard for your vote, and a handful still have work to do since run-offs are on March 6th and 7th.  You'll want to know the candidates so you can make that final selection with confidence. 

Here are the details for the Run-off Elections:

Tuesday, March 6th - Wednesday, March 7th

Vote online on this post (link will be available March 6th) or visit the polling stations in the HUC, Commons, or Sterne Library.

Feb. 21-22 Election Results, before Run-offs (PDF download)

Here are the candidate bios and the positions they are seeking:


Inocencio Chavez

  • Junior
  • International Studies/Spanish
  • Oneonta, Alabama
  • I'm running because our undergraduate student body deserves a president that can identify with their struggles, advocate for their needs, and that represents students from all walks of life, not just an elite group.

Adrian Jones

  • Junior
  • Biophysics
  • Marion, Alabama
  • I am running for USGA President because I feel my leadership skills and experience will allow me to implement progressive change at UAB, while making sure that the voice of the student body is heard.


Devanshu Kaushik

  • Junior
  • Business Management and Biology
  • Arab, Alabama
  • As an incumbent Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, I believe I am the best candidate for the position because I currently serve on the USGA Finance committee.

Justin Owens

  • Junior
  • Psychology/Pre-Med
  • Alexandria, Alabama
  • I am running for USGA Senator to help better the collegiate life for students here at UAB.

Student Advocate

Elisabeth Chramer

  • 3rd year; Senior
  • Political Science and Broadcasting
  • Trussville, Alabama
  • To be different from the usual and bring a fresh perspective to this changing, developing phase of UAB that we have the ability to impact for the better.

Deborah Craddick (D.C.)

  • Junior
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration
  • Abbeville, Alabama
  • I am running as a student advocate for USGA because I believe I can effectively relay the voice of the student body and help ignite the movement toward possible changes on campus.

Arts and Sciences Senators

Salem Awwad

  • Junior
  • Communications Management
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • I would like to be more involved with other organizations besides IFC and my own fraternity, as well as help advocate for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Sarah Park

  • Sophomore
  • Biology
  • Gardendale, Alabama
  • I am running for USGA Senator because I would like to represent the College of Arts and Sciences and voice any concerns or issues the school has so I can work with other USGA members to solve the addressed issues.

Sherwin Thomas

  • Junior
  • Biology
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • I am running for USGA so that I may both broaden my experiences and better serve the UAB community through an organization that is not premedical/biology based.