Student Films to show at IMAX

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IMAX Dome Theater at McWane Science Center - Directions
6:30 p.m. Doors Open, Films begin at 7:00 p.m.
Parking is Free (on street or in McWane Parking Deck attached to building)
Event is Free

Every spring, students from the Ethnographic Filmmaking class work countless hours in a lab in Heritage Hall to perfect their short documentary films.  The six-credit-hour course teaches students how to use professional video equipment and software, but more importantly the class teaches them to tell the most powerful stories in Birmingham.  The films are the product of an extensive research assignment in which students investigate a social justice issue related to a local community or culture. 

An anthropological approach makes this film program one of only a few of its kind in the country.   Students spend just as many hours in the communities they film as they do in the lab.  The people they meet share their values, culture, and personal stories as the students build trust and relationships.  By the time they get to the lab, these students feel the great responsibility to share with the world the community they've come to know so well.  

Ethnographic Film students go on to become filmmakers, journalists, and digital strategists, but they also go on to become doctors, teachers, political leaders, and activists.  They take the invaluable lessons about listening, respecting, and storytelling with them, making their worlds more fair and understanding.  What more could you ask from an undergraduate class?!

Topics this year: Socially conscious hip hop, Seniors who adopt technology, Graffiti in Bham, High School Drop Out Recovery Program, Old Time Music community, Art majors at UAB, Storm Spotters and Chasers, a look at public transit in Bham.

Awake: Hip-Hop Artistry in Birmingham

by Ebony Hinton and Sierra Nicely

Never Too Late to Learn

by Nate Ennis

Abandoned Canvas: Painting on Birmingham's Margins

by Naithon Henning and Majaliwa Mzombwe

We Came to Learn

by Jessica Craig and Adrian Jones

From Mountains to Metropolis: Old Time Music in Birmingham

by Rachell Berry and Stephanie Cook

Physical Truths: Making Art at UAB

by Katelyn Armstrong and Ali Massoud

Riders on the Storm

by Kevin Franks and Tyler Malugani

Unfare System: Birmingham Public Transit

by Melissa Crook and Daniel Twieg

Ethnographic Filmmaking is part of the UAB Media Studies Program.  

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