All Employees - One Week Free Trial! (Sponsor Yourself In)

All employees are eligible for a one-week free trial to the Campus Recreation Center. Once the trial period has passed, said employees are eligible to sponsor themselves in with our $10 guest pass that lasts the entire day. With this guest pass, they can enter the facility throughout the day with their receipt of purchase and enjoy all the benefits of being a member. A five-day guest pass is also available for $40 to use over the span of a year. All guests, other than eligible employees, must be sponsored by a current member. Sponsors will be limited to three guests per day and all guests will be required to provide a photo ID and take a picture. Come and try it out or sign up today.

Platinum Membership

All UAB Employees have the opportunity to take advantage of our new Platinum Membership, which consists of:

  • Full Access Membership
  • Half Locker
  • Equipment Orientation
  • 2 guest passes each month
  • 1 Kid Zone pass each month
  • Health assessment
  • 10 passes each month to a pass required fitness class

Current Membership Prices

  12 Month Contract 3 Month Contract 1 Month Access
  Full Payment Monthly Payment Full Payment Monthly Payment Full Payment
UAB Employee $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
Platinum "NEW" $780 $65      
Employee/Student View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines
Early Bird (Employees Only)***** Limited Hours
Monday through Friday 5am-8am and 10am-1pm
Unlimited on weekends
Night Owl (Employees Only)***** Limited Hours
Monday through Friday 8am-11am and 8pm-11pm
[During Break Hours evening is 7pm-9pm]
Unlimited on weekends
Colleague Employees* $444 $37 $141 $47 $57
Alumni $504 $42 $156 $52 $62
Recent Alumni** $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
Household Member $264 $22 $96 $32 $42
Minor $60 $5 $45 $15 $25
Enrolled UAB Student*** Included in student fees. Please consult BlazerNet for fee status payment.
Off Semester Student**** N/a $80/semester NA $40
Retiree $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
*Colleague Employees: VA, Children's Hospital, Sodexo, Capstone, First Transit, Cooper Green, Horizons, Southern Research Institute, Pyramid Hotel Group.
**Recent Alumni: Post UAB Grad for 12 months or less.
***Enrolled Student: UAB Students that are enrolled in classes and pay the Rec Center Fees within Student Fees.
****Off Semester Student: Not enrolled at UAB for one semester but plan to enroll at UAB the following semester (i.e. summer semester)
*****Non-Prime members have access to the facility without hours restriction on Holiday Eve's (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)

Please note that all memberships are not prorated and non-refundable.